Testimonials from 3-Day Workshops


“Getting the chance to learn from a multi-millionaire investor at the seminar is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only did I leave with an exact blue-print of what systems I could leverage to wholesale more deals, I also realized how to run an actual business. These guys think and work at a completely different level from anyone else I have ever met.”

 Terence Young


“I just went to your weekend FortuneBuilders seminar in Columbus and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I learned more in three days than I have in the last almost 30 years I’ve been alive. I’m worth way more than what my employer wants to pay me. I also have a 19 month old daughter that I want to leave a legacy for. Instead of working for my money, I’m ready to have my money start working for me!”

Aaron Buchs


“I thought that I would be learning this weekend from someone who would present me with an opportunity that required me to ditch my other dreams – I was wrong!! Your “why” showed me how this business can empower me to live my dreams instead of ditching them. ‘Everybody dies but not everybody lives.’ This weekend I learn a new way to really live. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jane Elizabeth


“I’ve been to many seminars over the last 10 years. There was more useful information packed into these past three days than any other seminar I’ve been to. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a successful real estate investor.”

Crystal Wendekier


“The event was so powerful, I learned a lot! The knowledge gained was beyond belief! The information gained will truly change my family’s life. Thank you FortuneBuilders. See you at the top, in the winners circle!”

Pamela Martin


“Best Real Estate Seminar I’ve ever been to. I learned so much and I’ve been in real estate for 19 years!”

Marianne Nelson


“I came to this event to support my husband and ended up learning SO MUCH! I have always been very confused and overwhelmed by the way real estate works, but you made it so easy to understand. I loved everything about the event!”

April Langford


“The event completely changed my business. Right after the event, I used what I learned to set up several divisions of my business so I am profiting from more than one area of real estate. I will forever be grateful to you guys for exposing me to a world and a lifestyle I never knew existed.”

Debra Johnson


“I wish that this had been a class that was required throughout my educational career!”

Tina Juhaza


“It was great to spend this weekend with you and to have gotten the opportunity to have learned from you. I just wanted to let you know I am committing myself to being the best me possible! I am looking forward for my wife to listen to you and understand how great of an opportunity this is. Thank you!“

Mitch Mullins


“This is one of many seminars I’ve attended and the only one that made real sense. A lot of information was given in 3 days. It was well organized and well articulated. It was worth the time and money, and worth continuing with!”

Robert Dever


“I just wanted to send a “Thank You!” the seminar this past weekend in Rock Island, IL went above and beyond what I had anticipated. I absolutely got my money’s worth out of it! Our trainer was extremely motivating and very sincere and genuine in his presentation. I am so excited to move forward with all the information that was given to us! I’m a single mom and am so excited at the prospects of what this can do for my family and our future! FortuneBuilders, you’re doing a great thing and I sincerely appreciate your time and effort you so graciously gave to us here – thank you! Blessings to you!”

Patti Quick


“The event is life changing. The training we received has put us on a new course and changed our future trajectory. Thank you FortuneBuilders!”

Michael Guess


“Thanks for giving hope to this mother of 9 adult children ages 19 to 42 – who will all be hearing your financial NINJA tips!”

Dorothy Parsons


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