About Us

FortuneBuilders is a real estate investment education company founded by Than Merrill, Konrad Sopielnikow, Paul Esajian, and JD Esajian – the stars of A&E’s hit TV show “Flip this House”. Over the past decade, they have bought and sold hundreds of properties, and built a highly successful real estate investment business model.

FortuneBuilders prides itself on teaching investors not only the principles of sound real estate investing, but also how to build a successful business that is not dependent on you as the business owner. Many real estate investors sense of success comes from the process of building a business that is “profitable.”

From FortuneBuilders point of view, having a business that works is not enough. They believe success is when your real estate investment business is not only profitable, but also gives you the time to enjoy your life, fulfill your passions and achieve your dreams. They believe success is defined as having a turnkey, systems-dependent business that serves as a vehicle for all the people it touches: the owners, employees, and the community.

Thus, FortuneBuilders has made it their mission to not only teach people how to successfully invest in real estate, but also how to build an actual business that is not dependent on you trading time for money.