About Our Live Events

At our live training workshops we cover many of the basics on how to get started investing in real estate utilizing sound investing principals. Real estate investing has been an asset class that millions of Americans have been making money in for years, however that does not mean that investing is not without risk. At our live events we teach investors how to locate sound investment deals while at the same time minimizing potential downside risks.

We have been extremely successful at locating properties that are distressed and can be purchased below market value. At our events we teach people what types of properties we target and a few strategies we utilize to find these types of deals.

The majority of these properties we redevelop and then resell for a profit. Many of these properties, before they are bought, are eye sores within a neighborhood and not generating tax revenue for the city. This is a win-win situation if you are the investor because you are helping beautify the community by redeveloping these properties while at the same time hopefully earning a profit.

At our workshops we also teach real estate investors how they can grow their existing real estate businesses by putting systems into place so that less time is spent on each subsequent transaction. Many real estate investors start investing, however they quickly find out that, like a job, they are trading time for money. Our goal is to show real estate investors what systems we have set up within our business that allowed us to grow so quickly. These systems are what also allow many of our existing students to invest in real estate in their spare time.

At the events we also discuss how you can get financing for your deals even if your capital is extremely limited. This is primarily accomplished by working with private lenders although we do touch on others sources of capital as well.

We take a very systematic approach to investing in real estate investing that we have used over the years very successfully. We personally invest for both the short term and long term. Presently, we redevelop and sell properties to create short term profits. We then role those profits into strategic rental investments so that we can benefit from the many long term advantages of owning real estate. This is also the philosophy we encourage our students to follow.

Lastly, we touch on what we believe are the best opportunities and niches within real estate in today’s market. We believe you have to stay up to date with market trends because your competition probably will be.