Frequently Asked Questions

How can you buy real estate without using any of your own money?

We teach our investor students to raise private money for their investment deals for both the purchase, holding, and construction costs. This is a very common real estate practice whereby you find an individual private lender who is willing to loan money in exchange for a mortgage or deed of trust against the property. The private lender then earns a fixed rate of return for the period of time that you borrow the money. This interest rate that you pay is completely negotiable between you and the private lender.

The benefits are that you are using leverage and are not putting any or all of the money up to fund the real estate deal. However, like any investment there is risk because you are using leverage. You can lose money and there are no guarantees. This is why you should place a high value on your personal investment education.

If you are limited on capital to invest in real estate this is a very viable option for you to get started.

What is your investment philosophy?

We take a very systematic approach to investing in real estate investing that we have used over the years very successfully. We personally invest for both the short term and long term. Presently, we flip properties to create short term profits. We then roll those profits into strategic rental investments so that we can benefit from the many long term advantages of owning real estate. This is also what we teach our students to do.

We absolutely believe in diversifying your real estate holdings. Likewise, we really encourage people to continue re-investing in their businesses and education over the long term.

What do you cover at the complimentary educational event?

We cover many of the basics on how to get started investing in real estate as well as how to grow your existing real estate business. We also discuss our real estate business philosophy and why you need systems within your real estate business if you want to have success long term. We also discuss how to finance real estate investments without utilizing your own capital. This is primarily accomplished by working with private lenders although we do touch on others sources of capital as well. We also discuss what we believe to be the best present opportunities in real estate investing.

Is everything you teach legal in today’s market?

Yes. There are no short cuts in this business if you want to invest successfully. We also encourage our students to work with licensed attorneys, title companies, Realtors, appraisers, mortgage lenders, and contractors who will advise you on any changes to state laws over time.

We also teach our students to be aware of any state specific laws that may affect how you market or run your day to day business.

Does your company currently invest in Real Estate?

Yes, we have a very active real estate business that is currently buying and selling properties in both San Diego and other markets across the country. We have a very large business and have a very successful track record.

How long have you been investing in Real Estate?

We have been successfully investing in Real Estate for nine years and have bought and sold hundreds of properties.

Have you made money on every single investment deal you have invested in?

No. We have been investing in real estate for nine years and have bought and sold hundreds of properties profitably. However, there have been a very small number of properties over the years that we lost money on. These lessons we share at our educational seminars because it is better to learn through our experiences than to experience this yourself.

This is why we believe education is so important if you are going to invest in real estate. We teach from our investing experiences both what has worked and what hasn’t worked. If any real estate investor or educator says they never lost money on an investment deal I would be cautious.

Do you guarantee that all of your students will make money?

No. If any real estate investor or educator made this statement I would beware. Real estate investing has risks just like any other investment you might chose to make. This is why we believe a proper education is the only way to reduce your risk.

Can you guarantee my success?

No. If anyone were ever to guarantee you success in any investment then you should beware. Real estate investing has a tremendous amount of potential as well as risk. We can’t guarantee that you will apply what we teach and put in the required effort.

Do you have to be a licensed Realtor to invest in Real Estate?

No. You do not have to be a licensed Realtor to make investments in Real Estate. We have plenty of students who do this business at a high level and never get their real estate license. We do believe it is advantageous to have a real estate license and there are definitely additional benefits when you do get your license, but it is by no means required.

Can a licensed Realtor invest and do what you teach?

Yes. You can absolutely invest for your own portfolio when you are licensed. In fact, we believe it is advantageous to be licensed and we recommend that our students get their real estate license at some point. Please note that if you are licensed you do have to disclose the fact that you are licensed when you are buying and selling a property. Please note that every state has different real estate licensing requirements.

Will this work in my market?

The principals that we teach to buy and sell real estate will work in any real estate market. In every major market across the country there are investors who apply sound real estate investment principals and make money. There are also uneducated investors or overly aggressive investors in every market who lose money. The difference generally comes down to education level and the techniques you utilize within a market. There definitely are market differences and that is why we teach investors at our three day workshops how to analyze what is going on in your local market so you can work in the right niche that has the most potential. There are no guarantees as to whether you will make money, and this is why your financial education is so important.

Is it realistic that I can invest in my spare time or on a part time basis?

Yes. Our current student base consists of both part time investors and full time investors. Our student base is also very diverse in terms of age, educational background, and business experience.

Many of our students that we work with currently invest in their spare time. Some work on their business at nights and some on the weekends. We never recommend someone leave their job until they feel comfortable with their track record of real estate investments. How effectively you use your time is often more important than purely how much time you have.

Will there be other products or services offered at the complimentary seminar?

Yes. We offer an intensive three day real estate workshop in select markets around the country. These workshops are taught by a select few instructors we have hand selected based on their business success and teaching ability. All our instructors are currently investing in today’s real estate market and utilizing our business systems.

Do you have ongoing training for your instructors to keep them up to date on recent legislative changes or state legislative changes?

Yes. Every week we have a conference call where we discuss any legislative or state specific laws that may affect the way we invest and what we teach.

How long is your complimentary educational event?

Our complimentary educational event usually lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours.