About Our Real Estate Investment Company – CT Homes, LLC

For a decade, Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, and JD Esajian the stars of A&E’s hit TV show “Flip this House” have bought, redeveloped, and sold hundreds of residential properties.

The company they formed; CT Homes, LLC specializes in “value added” opportunities where they can find a home that is in major need of repair and is often the eye soar of the neighborhood. Through their years of education, experience, and superior business systems they will acquire, redevelop, and sell the property often to an owner occupant. The company often focuses its work in transitional neighborhoods within a community that is in major need of private investment.

Since inception, the company has helped hundreds of sellers with complicated real estate problems, provided countless jobs to local contractors, and improved entire neighborhoods and communities through it’s work. The company has also helped hundreds of people achieve their individual dreams of homeownership.

In fact, the company prefers to sell their redeveloped properties to homeowners in many of the neighborhoods in which they work. Many of these neighborhoods also have low homeownership rates.

The CT Homes team is truly committed to helping improve neighborhoods through its quality craftsmanship and years of experience.

In addition, the company has also built a very successful real estate brokerage to further serve the needs of its clients.

“I take a tremendous amount of personal pride in the work that we do at CT Homes, LLC. Every day is a challenge because we are often working with properties that are in major disrepair when we acquire them. However, it is extremely rewarding to watch as we transform the property over a period of a couple weeks to months. It is really amazing to see how we can redevelop something that was once one of the ugliest properties on the block to one of the most beautiful. Throughout the course of my week I often have neighbors who will take the time to shake my hand and thank me for the work we do within their neighborhood. To be able to earn a good living on top of all is why I get so excited to teach others what we do.” - JD Esajian